Because the decision to test and with whom you test is unique to you, we do not recommend or endorse other labs. We do recommend doing your research before you make your choice.


  • Look for a lab in your region that can reduce shipping time. Expand your search to university extensions. For example, Oregon State University’s Seed Lab* offers testing services for industrial hemp.

  • Depending on their sampling process, you might need to be in the same state. Some companies, like Medicinal Genomics*, provide supplies to do your own in-field testing.

  • Review their service agreements and data policy.

  • Check their reviews and ask your colleagues to ensure their products and/or lab partners meet your needs.

* Any laboratories listed above are neither endorsed nor recommended by Phylos.

The Phylos Plant Sex Test and Genotype Test are no longer accepted for processing as of September 30, 2021. The Phylos Galaxy, full customer account access, sex test results, and genotype reports will all remain available through our website for the foreseeable future. We recommend printing and downloading your reports and taking screenshots (Windows, Mac, and Chromebook) of your constellations if you would like to retain visual representations of your variety in the Galaxy. Learn more about the discontinuation of the Phylos Plant Sex Test and Genotype Test.


If you have any questions, submit a ticket or call us at 503-206-6599 EXT 1.