Our breeders have created F1 hybrid seeds in three different maturation categories, giving growers options for optimizing their specific environment and product sales goals. 

As F1 hybrids, Production-Ready Seeds exhibit exceptional uniformity and vigor, regardless of category.  

Astral Series:

The varieties in this category produce full-season/light dep sensitive plants with high potency and unique aroma profiles.

Velocity Series: 

The varieties in this category are early-maturing, short-season photosensitive plants with a high flower index and a shorter plant structure, requiring less plant-touching throughout the grow cycle.  

Automatic Series:

These varieties are day-neutral, early season plants for low tech/outdoor environments with the potential for multiple growing cycles each season.

Elite Seeds

These incredible plants are varieties in either the full- or short-season photosensitive categories (Astral or Velocity lines) that perform on par or better than popular clonal strains, with: 

  • Top shelf flower quality
  • Higher potency
  • Rich, unique aroma profiles, and 
  • Stress tolerance*

*All Phylos Production-Ready Seed have been tested under stressful conditions to aggressively screen for herming. Under these conditions, Elite hybrids noted as Stress Tolerant exhibit very high tolerance to herming.