Recommended sowing method

We recommend direct sowing for AutoCBD, AutoCBD Alpha Explorer, and AutoCBD Alpha Nebula. If you choose to transplant, use specialized cell packs to minimize transplant stress. Growers considering transplant cultivation can ask about our Autoflower Transplant Cultivation Guide. 

We recommend transplanting PhotoCBD into the field. However, given the growth habit and early maturity of PhotoCBD, direct sowing into the field is an acceptable production method.

How many plants should be planted by acre?

VarietyRecommended Plant Population per Acre
AutoCBD Alpha Nebula™ Brand
17,000 seeds/acre
AutoCBD Alpha Explorer™ Brand
17,000 seeds/acre
AutoCBD™ Brand
22,000 seeds/acre
PhotoCBD™ Brand
4,800 seeds/acre

Plants per acre is dependent on your row spacing and in-row plant spacing.