The 3D interactive Galaxy is no longer live unfortunately, but you can learn more about this project on our Phylos Galaxy videos on YouTube

For growers that submitted samples for genotyping and helped build the Galaxy, thank you! That was an amazing community effort. We hope you found value in the information about your strain and its heritage, and seeing it visualized in relation to other strains.  

The full data we generated from the tests and used to create the galaxy was uploaded in a data publication to the The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), if customers opted in to public sharing. This allows customers to use the data to protect their strains, and scientists around the globe to perform population genetic studies to better understand and advance the foundational knowledge of the cannabis genome.

The European Variation Archive (EVA) is an open-access, public database of all types of genetic variation data from all species. To download the data, visit EBI’s archive.